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Router List Overview

View, Add, and Edit your Routers #

the Router List page is your first stop when it comes to adding your routers to RemoteWinBox. Once you add a router, you can see if it is online or offline, enable backups, run a speedtest, edit settings, and more.

Nickname #

This is the name you chose when you added the device to your database.

IP #

This is the IP you will use to connect to the device using WinBox. You will place this information along with the Port into the Connect To: field of WinBox 

Port #

Remote WinBox will automatically assign a port for use with the IP. You will combine these to enter into WinBox. The resulting string will look like this: (X will be a number that is automatically created by Remote WinBox and cannot be changed by the user)

Status #

The device status will be either Online or Offline. If online, you can click the green Online button to be taken to the Router Info View which is described below.

Config View #

The config button will take you to the unique Router Config that was created when you added a device. This is useful if you need to apply the configuration to that same device again. 

Delete #

If you need to remove a device from your dashboard, click the remove button. Once the item is removed, it cannot be added again without Resetting the configuration on the router and adding it again from the Add Router process. 

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