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Fleet Commander

RemoteWinBox Tik Fleet Commander provides the ability to run a command line operation or script that will execute on some (or all) Mikrotik routers. All output from the routers is captured for display, allowing for creative use of the tool for various purposes.

Uses include: #

  • Finding a mac or IP address
  • Troubleshooting a path problem by triangulation with traceroute
  • Checking to see if a configuration option is enabled
  • Enabling a configuration option on some/all routers

Requirements #

  • Routers must have appropriate user permissions.
  • Router must be online
  • SSH service must be enabled on the router.

Run Command or Script #

Getting started is as simple (screenshot below).

  1. Select individual routers or select all.
  2. Fill in Job Title and Command and click the Run Command button. 
    1. Choose between running the command Now or schedule it to run in the future.

Save Common Commands #

  1. Create new command with a unique title and the intended command.
  2. Check box below command textarea
  3. Once you run the command the saved job will populate in the ‘Select Saved’ Jobs field where you can easily run your common commands.

Delete Saved Jobs #

Delete previously saved jobs.

  1. Select desired ‘Saved Job’ from drop down list
  2. Double check you have selected the correct job to delete, as this process cannot be reversed.
  3. Select the red delete button to the right of the drop down and confirm deletion

Logs #

How to View Output (screenshot below)

  1. Select the blue View Logs button to go to the listing of logs. 
  2. Click on the clipboard icon to view or the arrow icon to download as a text file

Warning!! #

Please use caution. It’s not recommended to use set, disable or remove commands. #

  • Fleet Commander will run a command on one or many of your routers. 
  • Before running fleet commander, verify commands on one unit first.
  • RWB is not responsible for any damages caused by executing set, disable or remove commands.

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