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Firmware Manager

Premium monthly subscription includes automated firmware update dashboard.

Firmware Requirements #

  • User permissions must be set to group FULL for this feature.
  • Router will only be updated to the latest official MikroTik release.
  • RWB Firmware manager will not change the current firmware channel that is set on the router.

Important #

  • You should always test new firmware on 1 unit before upgrading all the rest. 
  • RWB will update the firmware, but RWB is not responsible for router configuration failures relating to firmware incompatibility.
  • Please note when selecting the update now, firmware updates will take place at the top of the hour and any previous schedules set on the router will be overwritten.


Firmware Dashboard #

Dashboard tracks current firmware version and history of automated firmware updates.

If a new version is available it will be available  in the dashboard.

Update one router or all upon demand or scheduled during a maintenance window.

Refresh Listing #

Clicking the refresh listing button will check the firmware installed on the routers that are online and have permissions.

Schedule Update #

Updates on selected routers can be done immediately or during the maintenance window options.

Remove Scheduled Updates #

Use this option to remove all the scheduled updates.

Firmware History #

A log of all the updates performed using RWB Firmware Manager.

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