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Is using my cell phone with RemoteWinBox supported? #

  • Yes. But you will need to take another step to allow access. Click the online button for the router you wish to access. Scroll to the bottom to find the Advanced Settings box. Copy the connection string to WinBox to the router, then click the Open Now button. You will have 10 seconds to connect to the router.

Why are there extra steps when using my cell phone with RemoteWinBox? #

  • When using your cell phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, your ip address may change. RemoteWinBox is unable to automatically detect your cell phone provider ip changes, so you have to manually help our system find your ip.

How do I access routers from a different location or IP? #

  • When you login to the RemoteWinBox dashboard from a different location than when you configured your router, you will get a warning notification. If you see this warning, it means that RemoteWinBox detected that the IP of this browser user session is not configured for remote access to your deployments. Just click the blue FIX IT button if you would like to make your Mikrotik’s reachable from where you are now.

Does WinBox work for LTE & NAT? #

  • Absolutely. RemoteWinBox works through multiple NAT too – and if there’s an LTE interface, you’ll see the LTE info right in our dashboard without having to WinBox in.

Is WinBox secure? #

  • At RemoteWinBox, we take security seriously! All router usernames and passwords are randomized and unique for each Mikrotik. We use firewalls to ensure that only you have access to your routers with our service We utilize encryption to protect and secure your access to your routers.

Can I use the Android and iOS MikroTik app with Remote WinBox? #

  • Yes, RemoteWinBox is compatible with both the Android and iOS MikroTik app.

I have a problem when trying to connect to my voucher generator M-Tik VG 2.1, will RemoteWinBox work with this application? #

  • If you want to use both WinBox and M-Tik VG on the same router, our system will treat that as two separate routers. If you only want to use one of these applications follow the appropriate step below when generating the config:
    • For Winbox, use default port 8291 (unless you changed the port in IP Services).
    • For M-Tik VG, use port 8728 when generating config.
  • If you’re going to use both WinBox and M-Tik VG, you’ll have to update the name of the VPN interface in the second generated configuration, as shown below:

  • The highlighted names should be changed to RemoteWinboxVPN1_MTik_VG One router configuration will be for Winbox access. You will need a second router configuration to access the M-Tik VG. 

How are tags helpful? #

  • You can use tags to organize your RemoteWinBox routers. 

Is there a configuration required to set up on the router for the backups to run? #

  • In order to have backups working on your equipment, you have to subscribe to RWB Premium which provides the backups manager. Once the router is added to the dashboard and connects to RemoteWinBox, your backups will be taken daily. You can also take backups manually, as needed.
  • Besides your router being RemoteWinBox enabled, these are the only other requirements:
    • SSH access must be enabled.
    • The firewall filter must not prevent our service from connecting over SSH.
    • If there is an Access Control List (listed under IP → SERVICES → ADDRESS) it must include the IP of our service provider

Is IPv6 Supported? #

  • No, IPv6 is not supported at this time.

How long does it take for the system to detect and report whether or not a router’s status is online or offline? #

  • If you have slower internet connection, or have higher latency, it is possible that it takes a little longer for your router to connect to our server. However, once it is connected, it shouldn’t take more than a minute to see it come online in the portal.

Do you have a service that can run speedtests automatically on a certain schedule or 1 time for all my devices? #

Not at this time. But it’s on the roadmap for 2023!

What does Login Manager do? #

Login Manager is for use with managing Winbox logins. It does not do anything with wireless or hotspot. It is meant to centralize Winbox logins so that you can easily add/remove/disable user accounts that are allowed to access your MikroTik routers with one step so when you add or remove employees it is very easy to update access.

Very simply, users that exist at the top of the Login Manager page have access to all routers in your deployment that have been clicked ACTIVE.

Is there a possibility to use the VPN connections as a remote VPN connections for clients on the network to connect to the network VIA A VPN tunnel when working remotely? #

RemoteWinBox builds a VPN tunnel solely for use of the RemoteWinBox dashboard. It does not allow for RemoteWinBox routers to communicate to other RWB routers, nor for remote network access.

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