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RemoteWinBox rebrands to Admiral Platform

In 2020, RemoteWinbox emerged as a solution dedicated to simplifying remote access to Winbox. Recognizing the complexity of network management, we understood the need for extensive tools to navigate this intricate landscape. Today, we offer a comprehensive control and visibility solution designed to redefine MikroTik network management.

We’d like to re-introduce ourselves as Admiral Platform.

Admiral Platform is more than just remote access; it’s a complete suite of tools crafted to empower network providers with efficiency, proactivity, and unprecedented control. In essence, we’ve ranked up to offer a robust platform that goes beyond the limitations of our initial offering.

Key Features of Admiral Platform:

Full Control and Visibility: Admiral is a platform providing full control and visibility into MikroTik networks. From configuration to monitoring, it covers every aspect of network management.

Efficiency and Proactivity: Our tools empower network providers to be more efficient and proactive in managing their networks. With real-time analytics and enhanced control features, Admiral ensures a proactive approach to network optimization.

Cost Minimization and Revenue Enhancement: Admiral Platform is designed to help minimize costs while potentially increasing revenue for network providers. Our innovative solutions contribute to operational efficiency, positively impacting the bottom line.

New Name, Same Commitment:

RemoteWinbox is now Admiral Platform, marking a significant evolution in our identity. While our name has changed, our commitment to empowering users worldwide remains steadfast. As we enter the new year, we invite everyone to explore Admiral Platform at

Cheers to 2024! New Year, New Name, New Website!

About Admiral Platform:
Admiral Platform, formerly known as RemoteWinbox, is a leading MikroTik network management platform, offering full control and visibility solutions. Committed to innovation and user empowerment, Admiral Platform is dedicated to helping network providers navigate the complexities of network management efficiently. For more information, please visit

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