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RemoteWinBox – Minim Migrations

We have partnered with Minim to help MikroTik providers seamlessly transfer their routers to a new centralized management solution. We can help you onboard your MikroTiks to RemoteWinBox so your customers can have a soft landing.

Minim migrations are included in the purchase of a RemoteWinBox Admiral.

** OFFER ENDS JUNE 15th ***

**Savings of $995 per 1,000 Routers**

Get started on your migration NOW before Minim shuts down their support for Managed WiFi.

RemoteWinBox will help you onboard your routers and provide a smooth transition into an all-in-one solution for MikroTik Management. We have an expansive suite of management tools and offer Managed WiFi for your MikroTiks-in-the-home customers.

Schedule a call with Marc to replace Minim with RemoteWinBox Admiral TODAY!

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