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Managed Wi-Fi

Give your subscribers the key to managing their home network.

  • Easy invitation to subscribers to view historical stats, bandwidth usage, and device usage
  • Subscribers can manage their home network with full-suite of managed wi-fi features
Home Network Control
Historical and Live Stats

End-Users can view network information, run speed test, view bandwidth usage, and even see per device usage in a read-only web-app. This is a great tool for customers to do self-troubleshooting and cuts down on support calls.

Parental Controls

Subscribers can set users, assign devices, and set schedules for safe internet usage in the home.

Subscriber Self-Care
View Bandwidth Usage Graphs
View Wi-Fi SSID and Password
Run Speed Test
View Live Usage
Insight to Per-Device Usage
Custom Users and Assign Devices
Set Schedules
Rate Limit Devices
Wake on LAN Devices
Add Guest Wi-Fi
Edit SSID and Password
Edit Wi-Fi Frequency
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