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Historical and Live Data & Graphs

Our dashboard gives you insight into your routers like no one else.

  • View CPU, RAM, and Disk usage at a glance
  • Live and Historical data of per-device bandwidth
  • Day, Week, or Month view of entire network’s connected devices
Full Insight, Full Control
Heads-Up Display

Main Dashboard shows an overview of the network health, including a map of online/offline, alerts and notifications, primary router upload and download, and quick-glance CPU, RAM, and Disk health.

Per-Device Bandwidth

View into the network on a per-device basis, and see upload, download, activity and status of each device connected to the network.

Per-Device Wi-Fi Signal Strength

See each device’s single strength for efficient troubleshooting when a customer calls.

RemoteWinBox is the closest tool that we have to literally standing inside the customer’s house.

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