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Feature Request: OSPF MAP

Hey guys, after being busy with WISPAPALOOZA (recap video here) we received a feature request recently that’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while now. We make every effort to ensure that features we add are the features our customers want. So far, we haven’t heard much buzz about this.

As we think about how to make RemoteWinBox more useful, one of the things we’ve considered is an automated network mapping tool. Imagine if you could get a visualization of your network and the traffic paths – something similar to above and below – but also that includes OSPF costs of interfaces so that you could see at the time the network map was generated what the optimal flows and paths were.

In partial mesh networks, particularly where multiple paths to destinations are available, it can be difficult to visualize traffic patterns, especially as the network grows and adds more links between routers. A tool like this would quickly enable network administrators and operators to envision at a glance how traffic is traversing available nodes and links. Here’s a napkin drawing example of what a pretty simple network map could look like as a representation:

I could see how something like this could be useful, but we want to hear from you! Please take a moment to fill out this 5 question survey and let us know what you think about an automated network mapping tool.

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