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I cannot Activate My Account #

The RemoteWinBox System generates an automatic email to the one you registered. Please search your email, including junk or spam folders, for an email from If you cannot find the activation email, please attempt to register again as you may have entered an email incorrectly. If you verify the email was correct and still can’t find the activation email, please contact support at

My router is showing offline in the dashboard after configuration. #

If the configuration has been applied according to the documentation, then the issue could be with your Winbox version. Be sure that you are using the latest version of Winbox:

Also verify that your IP-SERVICE-API is enabled. 

WinBox is not connecting! #

In the dashboard listing, click the online button under status which will take you to the router information page. At the bottom of this page is the OPEN NOW button. Clicking this button will Allow to discover your IP automatically for the next 10 seconds. Connect to your WinBox with the connection string on that page.

Router Health is displaying the following error: There was a problem getting health data from your router. Please try again in a few minutes. #

The router health part of the platform works by making a few queries to your equipment over the API. 

Please make sure that the API service is enabled on your routers. (In WinBox it is under IP->Services)

Firmware Manager is displaying a problem with permissions on my router. How do I upgrade Permissions? #

Using The Terminal:

1. Remote WinBox into your router as you usually would with RemoteWinBox

2. Open a new terminal

3. Enter the command `/user print` to find out which user is RemoteWinBox user  (it will have the comment that says ;;; Remote Winbox User)

4. Enter the command `/uset set group=full $username`; the variable $username is going to be the RemoteWinBox user you found in the previous step

Using GUI:

1. Remote WinBox into your router as you usually would with RemoteWinBox

2. On the left hand side click on System->Users

3. If the tab `Users` is not selected, click on the tab `Users`

4. Find the RemoteWinBox user (it will have the comment that says ;;; Remote Winbox User) and double click on it

5. Change group from `read` to `full` and click OK

I am getting the following error on the Backups page: “ssh has to be enabled for backups”. #

Check your router settings to allow API services. 

Is it possible to access my mikrotik using mobile data instead of WiFi networks from anywhere? #

Yes. Go to your ROUTER LISTING and there is an icon, shown above, called OPEN NOW. When you click on it and agree to the pop up window, the OPEN NOW button will trigger a 10 second window in which you’ll be able to connect to your device using Winbox. This allowed IP will have access for 24 hours. After which you have to click the Open Now button again.

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