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Router Info View


This view is accessed by clicking the green ONLINE button in the Dashboard. This page displays a static (with the exception of Ethernet Bandwidth Usage) snapshot of information from the device.


The top section of the Router Info View page shows the router nickname. This is the nickname you chose when you added the device to your profile. This section will also show IP Info including the External Internet IP and the Router WAN IP.


This section shows the real-time bandwidth usage across each of the ethernet ports on your device. 


Device specifications are shown in this section. The board-name, model, serial-number and firmware are primarily displayed here. This information is pulled from the device itself. 


Resources of the device are shown in this section, including cpu-load which, in addition to the other information displayed here, can be useful in troubleshooting any issues with the device. 


We’ve built Remote WinBox from the ground up with Security as our foundation. There are possible edge cases that would otherwise prevent you from accessing your device using Remote WinBox. 

Because of this, we’ve added the ability to allow RemoteWinbox to automatically discover your device. The  OPEN NOW  button in the Advanced Settings section will trigger a 10 second window in which you’ll be able to connect to your device using Winbox. This allowed IP will have access for 24 hours. After which you have to click the Open Now button again.

NOTE: Copy the IP:Port prior to clicking  OPEN NOW

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