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Register with RemoteWinBox

Gain Access to a Wealth of MikroTik Network Management Tools #

To utilize all the tools RemoteWinBox has to offer, you must first create an account. If your company has already registered, learn how an admin can add a User to your dashboard here! Your account is free, but a credit card is required to add your first router.

How to Register with RemoteWinBox #

  1. Head to and click on or head directly to
  2. Enter your First and Last Name
    1. You can also add a Company Name, but this is optional
    2. Has someone already created an account for your company? Learn how to Add a User
  3. Enter your email address
    1. You will be required to verify this email before you can use your account
  4. Enter and confirm strong password
    1. RemoteWinBox requires 8 characters, but recommends at least 12, with a capital, number, and special symbol.
  5. Check the “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA checkbox
  6. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and check the “I understand” checkbox
  7. Click on to create your account
  8. Log into the email you used to register and find the email “Support – Account Activation” and follow the link to activate your account
  9. You are now ready to use RemoteWinBox! You can find the Login page here 

Having trouble? Contact us at

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