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End-User View

The end-user view is a mobile friendly view of a router with Wi-Fi, SSID and devices listed as well as real-time per device bandwidth. 

Each router can be assigned an end-user. 

When the end-user logs in they have read only access to the information for that router. 

An administrator can use the “End-user View” button to access the mobile friendly end-user view.

Create a User #

On the router health page, look for the End-Users panel. Input the email and click the “Send Invite” button. 

End-user Instructions #

Two emails will be sent to the end-user account. The first email will be to activate the account. Once the account is active, the user will need to reset their password.  The second email will have instructions for resetting the password and a link to login.

Remove A User #

Click the remove link to remove access to the router for that user.

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