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Change Log

Bug fixes, improvements, and new features for RemoteWinBox and Admiral software.

09.19.2022 Improvement #

  • Improvement:: Firmware Channel Update on Router Listing

09.15.2022 Improvements #

  • Improvement:: Fixed wireless info for CAPsMAN routers on End-User View
  • Improvement:: Hidden SSID’s are now hidden from the end user in the End-User View
  • New Feature:: Added Fast Tags to the Router List page

09.12.2022 New Feature #

  • New Feature:: Filter router listing by tags. Allows users to multi-select tags for better searching/filtering results

09.01.2022 Improvements #

  • Bug Fix:: Fixed dashboard graph display when on a small screen as it was cutting off half of the upload graph, and now it displays both graphs properly.
  • Improvement:: Default configuration improvement for when a router’s system identity is not Mikrotik, the router’s name will change from “Unprovisioned_${serial}_${ether_1mac}” to that router’s system identity.
  • New Feature:: moved speed test to router listing page.
  • Bug Fix:: the delete button doesn’t refresh the page now.
  • New Feature:: Added firmware audit page that lists all the firmware updates for all routers
  • New Feature:: Added email notifications on discovery process if any routers’ ip pool is more than 90%

08.30.2022 Improvements #

  • Improvement:: End-User view updated and added speed test

08.16.2022 Improvements #

  • New Feature:: Export router listing to CSV file.
  • Improvement:: Staged firmware update allows for an install on demand and a reboot scheduled for a later time.
  • Improvement:: Improved stability and performance of Auto-Provision function.

08.03.2022 Improvements #

  • Update on speed-test User Interface 
  • Updated all router listings so that routers with a firmware error would have a different symbol from the upgrade available symbol.
  • Added link to change log under the profile header.
  • Organized device list on router health to display devices that are more likely to have data first.

07.28.2022 Bug Fix & Improvements #

  • Bug Fix – End-user Wifi Signal strength improved for 2.4Ghz connected devices
  • Added support for VPN Service released to select customers.
  • Security Warnings bug fix to remove errors that have been corrected.

07.27.2022 Bug Fix #

  • Bug Fix to stop sending 2FA email when device is set to remember for 10 days.

07.26.2022 Bug Fix #

  • Bug Fix for security scan that now updates the date scanned.

07.20.2022 Bug Fix, Improvements & New Feature #

07.18.2022 Bug Fix & New Features #

  • Port Forward functionality launched to beta
  • Clear login attempts for users locked out.
  • Two-factor authentication bug fix.

06.22.2022 Bug Fix #

  • Bug Fix search by tags.

06.16.2022 Improvement & Beta Feature #

  • Add router: added address field
  • Beta SSID/Pass updater: updated for CAPSMAN

06.15.2022 Improvement #

  • Updated icons and layout of router listing for firmware.

06.14.2022 Improvement #

  • Updated router listing with the ability to sort by name and sort by firmware

06.13.2022 Improvements & Beta Feature #

  • Added new router listing under Beta to access beta features.
  • Released to beta the ability to view/update SSID/PASS for WLAN and CAPSMAN
  • Moved speedtest button to beta router listing.
  • Bug fix – generic template config no longer generates multiple unprovisioned routers.

06.09.2022 Bug Fix, Improvements & New Feature #

  • Fixed issue with notes not displaying when a single quotes were involved
  • Added serial number to image hover and listing searches
  • Added icon to Router Health page’s device list when a device has additional info
  • Updated Fleet Commander to match router listing’s style and load optimization
  • Add maintenance window to fleet commander to schedule run command scripts

06.07.2022 Improvements & New Feature #

  • New feature added for testing VPN health. Available by using the toggle button on the Edit Router page for routers that are online.
  • Router health listing page improved for faster page load time.
  • New layouts for backups, firmware and login manager.

05.19.2022 Improvements & Beta Feature #

  • Moved Profile, Documentation, Support & Sign out to the header navigation on the right side.
  • Speed Test button added for beta users on the router listing page.

05.18.2022 Bug Fix & Improvements #

  • Allow multiple commands on Fleet Commander using semicolons.
  • Bug fix – LTE data added back to router health page.

05.17.2022 Improvements #

  • Added sticky alerts that will notify that an update or maintenance on the system will/has occurred.
  • Alerts on the main page now have color coding for priority alerts.

05.09.2022 Bug Fix, Improvements & Beta Feature #

  • Released beta version of Default Configuration for easy (auto)provisioning
  • Bug fix on fleet commander with special characters
  • Added alert for security notifications
  • Premium service now has combined router health and router info pages  
    • Moved end-user invite to separate page and added button to router listing
    • Open Now for CGNAT moved to router listing
    • Live Data graph moved to router health live view(premium feature only) 
    • More Info displays router details on combined page
    • Device details added to live data view
    • CPU, RAM, Disk and Bandwidth all change view with day, week, month

04.27.2022 Bug Fix, Improvements #

  • Added a line to mouse over on chart
  • Fixed bug on Fleet Commander saved jobs form
  • Fixed bug with empty notes displaying
  • Fixed chart pop-up to side of the chart view

04.25.2022 Bug Fix, Improvements & New Feature #

  • New feature added to delete saved Fleet Commander job
  • Updated view of signal graph
  • Fixed bug where graphs would lose data
  • Added functionality to sort CPU, RAM, and Disk on router listing
  • Fixed a numerical bug where graphs would not display larger values
  • Added icon to view router notes on router listing page

04.20.2022 Bug Fix, Improvements #

  • Added WAN IP, Public IP, and Ether1 MAC to search on router listing
  • Update tooltip on router listing images to display new search criteria
  • Fixed bug that would delete router if confirm message was canceled

04.12.2022 Bug Fix, Improvements & New Features #

  • Added better color coding for router map
  • Made the left hand side menu fixed & sticky
  • Added stacked graph on devices graph on Router Health
  • Updated total bandwidth graph to represent per interface data on Router Health
  • Added dates on alerts
  • Last seen timestamp adjusted for local time

03.29.2022 Improvement #

  • Added notes field to edit router form

03.23.2022 Improvements #

  • Updated router listing:
    • Changed icons for router info
    • added update available icon
    • highlight over image shows model
    • text overflow fix on mobile
    • router.router_notes added to search
    • added config link to edit page
  • Expanded search:
    • searchable vpn_src_port
    • Searchable notes
  • Expanded discovery to check for safe mode
    • Notification alert on dashboard

03.07.2022 Improvements #

  • Added to create router page: slider button to enable/disable API & SSH, field to enter latitude,field to enter longitude, slider to enable email notifications when router offline, and a miscellaneous notes field.

02.24.2022 Bug Fix & New Features #

  • Launched beta version of speedtest from router details page
  • Launched historical charts for WiFi devices connected to router
  • Bug fixes on total historical charts

02.10.2022 Improvements #

  • Moved router listing to new page

02.06.2022 Bug Fix #

  • Fixed a bug on activate all function on Login Manager

01.12.2022 New Feature #

  • Released Notifications for router connection up/down per user and per router.

12.08.2021 Bug Fix, Improvements & New Feature #

  • Bugfix for firmware introduced on 11.14.21 update that was not properly detecting when firmware needed to be updated
  • Added CAPSMAN support
    • View WiFi devices signal on router health page + end-user page
    • View SSID + passphrase + frequency on end-user page

12.08.2021 Bug Fix, Improvements & New Feature #

  • End-user application bandwidth graph bug fix
  • Security User Interface updates
  • Updated polling information for historical data

11.14.2021 Bug Fix, Improvements & New Feature #

  • Historical LTE Info available for reporting
  • End-user dashboard bug fix
  • Added process to rediscover router information daily
  • Added historical data collection for upcoming charts release

11.10.2021 Improvements #

  • LTE Information added to router health page.
  • End-user invite & view for each router added to beta.
  • Last seen added to tool-tip rollover on offline icon.

10.31.2021 Bug Fixes #

  • Added rediscover routers button to homepage and changed label on firmware, backups, and fleet commander pages.
  • Added error for when password length is greater than 20 characters.
  • User profile default changed to display First name, Last name instead of Company Name.

10.31.2021 Improvements #

  • Mobile view search bar fixed in the header when scrolling.

10.03.2021 – Bug Fix, Improvements & New Feature #

  • Added capacity to support more router connections
  • Changed the way refresh routers works on Backup Manager, Fleet Commander, Firmware Manager, and Login Manager
    • The page used to block until all routers were re-polled. Now it sets a polling flag to run in the background

09.23.2021 – Capacity Updates #

  • Added capacity to support more router connections
  • Added automatically generated map LAT/LONG coordinates based on IP address used when adding routers – can still be manually updated, but this allows for map data point

09.16.2021 – Dashboard Updates #

  • Mobile UI improvements
    • Map view enhanced
    • Minor movement of UI elements to make more mobile friendly
  • Security hardening

09.01.2021 – Dashboard Updates #

  • Chart Status 
    • Quickly see total number of online/offline routers and number of routers with permission issues
  • Map view of routers
  • Router table now includes additional router data

08.19.2021 – Feature update & Bugfix #

  • New Feature: Search by Tags Added
    • Users can now search router listings by tags on firmware, backups and fleet commander
  • Bugfix: Discovery was sometimes not triggering for all routers, will run now once per day
    • Without discovery, fleet commander and backups would never execute

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