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Add Router

You must have local network access to the router you want to connect to remotely via Remote WinBox and the WinBox app. This is a one time configuration step per device you’d like to connect to remotely. 

From the Dashboard click the  +  ADD ROUTER  button:

You should now be at the ADD ROUTER screen

Nickname #

This is the plain text name you want to give the device. You’ll be able to search your dashboard using this field. You can not change the Nickname once it’s established. 

Router Winbox Port (default 8291) #

This is the port that MikroTik devices use to allow access from WinBox. You can change this from the default to a number between 1-65535. If you don’t enter anything, 8291 will be used. 

Group Permissions #

Can be set to read or full. For premium services full is needed.


Using this feature will enable you to use API based softwares with RemoteWinBox service allowing for both remote access to Winbox and also remote access to custom software.

If you have a RWB Premium account, you will be able to optionally enable MTIK-VG/MIKHMON/API support. This feature allows a second secure port to be assigned to this router for use with API based softwares, such as mikhmon and mtik-vg. 

If you would like to change the default API port to a custom port, replace the value 8728 with your custom value. If you have not changed the API port on the MikroTik (under IP→ SERVICES), leave the default value alone.

Select Tags #

Allows custom tags to be applied to router.

Email Notification #

Receive an email to your account when a router goes offline and comes back online.

Location Data #

Use these fields to show the latitude and longitude of the router on the map.

Notes #

Available for miscellaneous notes important to the router.

Submit #

Once you’ve completed your initial configuration, click  SUBMIT  to continue to the next screen where you will be provided the information needed to paste into the terminal of the MikroTik device you want to connect to remotely. 

Copy and Paste Config #

Now you should be at the Router Config View. Here you will copy the Router Config information into the device you wish to connect to remotely. and paste it into your MikroTik device as described below:

  1. Login to a local Mikrotik router via WinBox.
  2. From the Menu select New Terminal 
  3. Copy the script from RemoteWinBox Router Config section
  4. Right Click and Paste into WinBox Terminal and press enter
Connect Anywhere #

Now that your configuration is set, you can connect to that device from anywhere. Within a minute of the device being online, the Dashboard will be updated and show an online status for the device. You can now place the device wherever you like and ensure it has internet access. 

Use the IP and Port information at the bottom of the Config View page to add to the Connect To: field of WinBox. Then enter the Login: and Password: you created for that device.

In the off chance you’re not able to connect to the device, please go to the Advanced Settings in the Router Info View page

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