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Dashboard Updates – May 2023

In the month of April 2023, the RemoteWinBox dev team made some updates to the dashboard we want to show off.

Check out a quick video from Candice that highlights the newest changes to our dashboard:

You’ll find the new Router Listing page to be much easier to navigate and can even be customized to fit your network organization needs. Change your settings under your profile to how you want the Router List page to load in, whether it’s by ID, Name, Online/Offline, CPU, RAM, or Disk.

We’ve also moved the Wifi Scanner out of Beta and is under your Edit Router tab. From here you can see Router Info, Wireless info, WiFi Scanner, and also a list of that router’s invited subscribers (End-User)

One of the most exciting changes to our dashboard last month was in our Beta Features:

Hierarchy Auto-Build and Topology

You can now create a visualization of your network with the click of a button. Try it out on your OSPF network now in Beta Features!

Remember you can always check out our Change Log to see all the updates in one place.


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