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New Features for MDU Deployment Operators

Admiral Platform announces the launch of a new tool for MDU deployment and optimization, Radar. Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) WiFi deployments using MikroTik hardware will be able to use Radar to automate cumbersome and time-consuming manual troubleshooting processes. Traditionally, MDU WiFi…

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The Best Features of Admiral Platform for MSPs

Admiral Platform was a solution created to help network operators manage their MikroTik routers. The initial release was simply remote access, but since then it has grown into an entire centralized dashboard allowing for full control and automation of networks…

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RemoteWinBox rebrands to Admiral Platform

In 2020, RemoteWinbox emerged as a solution dedicated to simplifying remote access to Winbox. Recognizing the complexity of network management, we understood the need for extensive tools to navigate this intricate landscape. Today, we offer a comprehensive control and visibility…

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February Admiral Special

During the month of February we are offering a special that includes an instance of LibreNMS installed on your purchased Admiral appliance. Watch our blog for a look at why we like LibreNMS and how it can be used to…

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