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Centralized MikroTik Management

Dedicated to your company.

What Is Admiral?

RemoteWinBox Admiral (“RWB Admiral” or just “Admiral”) is a step above our beloved Cloud platform.

RemoteWinBox Cloud is great for the captains of MikroTik and managing a handful of routers. But when you have a fleet of MikroTiks- you need Admiral.

It includes all the same control and management tools as RemoteWinBox, with a few additional features, including customized branding, tenancy, high availability and more.

It has an added layer of security by being dedicated to your company and can even be installed into your company’s data center.

Our team of MikroTik-certified engineers is here to help you with support, server maintenance, and relevant network consulting.

MikroTik Management Simplified

Full Insight

See your entire network in one platform, including historical data, live data, speed testing, router location, outage awareness and notifications.

Full Control

A wide range of tools for you to manage, control and automate your entire network. Firmware upgrades, backups, bulk configuration changes, login and user management just to name a few.

Full Security

What sets Admiral apart from RWB Cloud is its dedication. Choose on-premise, in our co-lo, or add Admiral to your own hypervisor.

Added Security

RemoteWinBox Admiral comes with hardened firewalls that only allow your company’s devices access to the network, meaning you’re protected from any intruders.

See How Many Hours You Can Save

Get Started in 3 Steps:


Get on a call with us to hear about RWB Admiral and how it can save you hours of work. See if it is a fit for you and your teams’ operations. We’ll lay out the details and help you get signed up so you can kick the tires.


Select Flavor

RWB Admiral comes in a few flavors. Choose between:

  • On-Premise (we ship you a server)     *USA only*
  • Hosted in Our Co-Lo (Located in Atlanta, GA)
  • Add to your own DC (Specific hardware requirements necessary)

Get Onboarded

The last step before launch is a quick final call or chat with our team to make sure your routers are successfully onboarded and the team has a full grasp of the software. We take the time to answer your questions and guide you through any special use-case scenarios your team may need.

Admiral-Only Features

Some features are exclusive to RemoteWinBox Admiral users.


High Availability

Ensure access with additional servers to minimize outage damage.


Custom Branding

Customize subscriber self-care view for your customers with your business logos and support contact information.



Have different allowances between departments in the RWB Admiral dashboard.

Admiral Benefits
Router migration and onboarding help
Dedicated resources
On-premise options
Invite to Discord with fellow MikroTik users
Invite to Discord with RWB developers
Custom integrations
Commonly Asked Questions

Admiral and RemoteWinBox are very similar products – yes. What sets Admiral apart is its dedication and the ability to customize and add additional features. RemoteWinBox is only a cloud platform with access to the dashboard features. Every router is $2.00/month.

Admiral has features outside of the dashboard and some large deployments can pay as little as $0.25 per router per month.

Custom branding is offered to Admirals for them to put their own branding to our Subscriber Self-Care portal. Invite your subscribers to a managed WiFi solution that’s branded with your ISP, MSP, or other provider logo. This amplifies the subscribers experience with their provider and keeps the RemoteWinBox Admiral name an internal tool.

Tenancy is a way for Admiral to have separate branches. The Admiral dashboard has some powerful tools, and you may not want your support team to have access to running configurations to your core network. Tenancy allows you to control who has access to which features and still keep the team under the same roof.

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